AESP 29th Annual Conference & Expo

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Karen Germain Karen Germain
Principal Consultant, Program Development and Implementation

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Integrated energy efficiency and demand response for the modern streamlined utility

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The AESP National Conference brings together highly regarded experts to discuss current trends and new developments in topics that range from program design, implementation, pricing, and marketing to research and evaluation. The conference draws the top program managers, policy makers, implementers, marketers, evaluators, consultants, and vendors in energy efficiency. 

Visit us in Booth #300 to talk to our experts. Don't miss our presentations throughout the conference: 

Edward Horn: Do you want to become a Social Listening expert? Then Listen. And listen well.

Outreach and marketing are key tools in energy efficiency programs, and as our programs mature we have to work smarter to gain the attention of customers – social media is increasingly one of them. There are many different ways you can reach out and connect to customers with social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. You could, if you wanted to, monitor each individual platform separately. Or you could look for ways to optimize and simplify your online experience.  Social Listening is actively listening to digital conversations to learn what is being said about a topic.  It is a way to surface conversations that can help differentiate your brand, product, or service. It allows you to leverage social media to stay current with products, customers, or your competitors. Think about it… you can listen and look for trending topics specific to your utility and your program. You gauge changing attitudes and rising interests in PV, DER, or any number of topics.  Social Engagement is way to participate in the conversations that will improve the social presence or your ee program and help your program become a trusted advisor in your service territory.  You will be able to grow your social network, influence customer satisfaction and potentially create leads.

Wes Whited: Flying Cars and Receding Coastlines: Planning for Tomorrow 

It’s predicted that children born today will be part of a society that will finally witness the science fiction lovers’ dream come true: flying (autonomous and electric) cars. Along with this, the grid and the infrastructure it serves as we know it will also go through significant changes, becoming smarter and more integrated. What elements should we start building into our utility energy programs now, to support the radical technological and environmental changes that we’ll be seeing later this century? Join us in this engaging, open-audience learning lab, to see what different regions in the US are doing to plan for tomorrow.

Steve Baab (moderator): Supplier Perspectives panel 

Join this unique session which focuses on supplier diversity and includes a large electric utility, a significant prime contractor in the energy industry, a diverse small business in energy efficiency, and a certifying agency. Utilities will share what they REALLY want; learn how to partner with other companies to win contracts; and understand what it takes to become a certified supplier. You will engage with large suppliers looking for diverse companies, understand the unique nuances of utility proposals and how to respond; and gain clarity on how to navigate through the maze of certifying your company. You are encouraged to ask questions and get inside tips on how to succeed in this industry.