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CCS services

DNV Climate Change Services AS provides assurance of the quality of your climate change mitigation project and its intended generation of emission reductions. ​

The organisation and working procedures of the DOE DNV Climate Change Services A.S are completely independent from the organisation and working procedures of the DOE GLC.

DNV Climate Change Services AS is accredited by the UNFCCC (the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change) as a Designated Operational Entity (DOE) under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and an Accredited Independent Entity for Joint Implementation (JI). We were the first DOE accredited for the verification of all major CDM sectoral scopes.

By the end of 2012, we have been involved in the validation of 2833 CDM projects which represent 24% of all CDM projects submitted for validation. Out of these 2833 projects, 1686 are registered and represent an estimated annual emission reduction of 272 million tonnes CO2 equivalents.

We have been recently voted Best Verification Company by the readers of Environmental Finance.

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI)

Due to the current downturn in international carbon markets, without signs of a recovery in the foreseeable future, DNV GL has decided to cease providing validation and verification services for CDM and JI projects.

Voluntary emission reduction

Voluntary emission reduction actions allow you to take advantage of voluntary efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by following certain standards for voluntary offset projects, such as the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

We can assess your carbon offset project to confirm compliance with the criteria of the standard selected by you. After implementation of the project, we can verify the emission reductions that your project has achieved and issue a verification statement that will be the basis for requesting the issuance of carbon credits in the registry selected by you.

Despite our decision to cease providing validation and verification services for CDM and JI projects, we continue to provide VCS validation and verification services through the ANSI accredited unit Det Norske Veritas (U.S.A.), Inc. operating as DNV GL USA & Canada Sustainability, Business Assurance.


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