SY-33 Synergi Gas Midstream Modules

This course is designed to take you through the process of building a new model, updating, performing long range planning, and running models with combination of gas, hydrocarbon liquid, and water.


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Synergi Gas Midsteam Modules training

Training Information

  • Duración:

    4 days

  • Prerequisitos:

    Significant experience as a Synergi Gas modeller and/or completion of SY-25 Synergi Gas standard course. Users should be proficient in the use of the latest version of Synergi Gas.

  • Course:

    SY-33 Synergi Gas Midstream Modules


This course is a combination of a number of smaller courses. Sample data is used to go through the entire model building process, with attention to the creation of pads and/or wells, including model clean-up. You will learn how to update a new model vs. last year’s model. We will set up a model for long range planning (months or years ahead) and generate results in report and chart formats. We will also set up models to perform steady state multiphase pipeline analyses and generate result results for gas, hydrocarbon liquid, and/or water. Liquid simulation systems in steady state, as well as separators and mixers will be discussed. Time permitting we will review how pipe sizing is done across a network, network isolation analyses, and the practical bottom line results that the margin optimization yields concerning removal of gas components. You will take away helpful course material.

Learning objectives

To gain a working and theoretical knowledge of the following Synergi Gas modules:

  • Model Builder
  • Facilities Management Module (FMM)
  • Time Varying Module (TVM)
  • MultiPhase Module (MPM)
  • Liquid Steady State (LSS)

And a general understanding of the Area Isolation Module (AIM), Automated Design Module (ADM) and Steady State Optimizer's margin analysis.

Target group

Users working at midstream companies or in storage departments who have attended a Synergi Gas standard course and/or have extensive experience using Synergi Gas for network analysis and will be using the software to build gathering models from GIS data, update these models, perform long range planning simulations, and/or perform multiphase analyses. Users who have experience with the modules in older versions may find this class particularly useful, as the current version of Synergi Gas gas distribution software is always used.

SY-33 Synergi Gas Midstream Modules